Besides giving you recent release information, the Dashboard also has the National Load Count, a very useful tool to identify where demand for carriers is the highest.

Simply choose the Equipment Type you have and the chart will update with the most recent totals.

How to interpret the numbers

OUT represents the number of loads currently in the state that need to be moved.  IN represents the number loads that are currently scheduled to go to that state.  Since those loads will be hauled by trucks, you can also interpret this number as the number of trucks heading to that state.

Clicking any of the totals in either the IN or OUT columns will automatically run a search showing the available loads to or from that state.

As a carrier, you will find yourself in the most demand by going to states where there are a lot of outbound loads and not as many inbound.  This creates a situation where there are too many loads and not enough trucks.  As you know, this situation is where the highest rates can be achieved, meaning more money for you.