With DAT One, you can add tracking details to your shipment posting while creating it. This can save time if you plan on tracking the carrier that books your load. For privacy reasons, the pick up and drop-off location will remain private to you and will only show to the carrier who accepted your shipment

  1. From DAT One, navigate to the menu located on the left side of your screen and select "Post a Shipment."
  2. Enter the necessary shipment details, including the origin, destination, and equipment information.
  3. To inform carriers who are viewing your shipment details in advance that tracking is required, simply check the Require tracking option.
    Note: It is important to note that the specific pick-up and drop-off details are shared with the carrier only after you have accepted a booking. These details remain hidden from your initial post.
  4. To access and fill out the tracking details:
    - Click the Click Here link conveniently located next to the Require trackingoption.
    - Alternatively, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ADD TRACKING.
  5. You can now provide the tracking details, such as the exact pickup and dropoff location addresses that the carrier will need. Once you complete the required fields, simply click POST and the shipment will be posted
    Note: Carriers will NOT see this tracking information on your posting. Only after you accept and book a carrier through DAT One will you be presented with the option to send the tracking request to them, which is shown in the next step.
  6. Now, once a carrier books your shipment and you accept it, you will be offered the chance to send them the tracking request. Just click OKAY, GOT IT and the carrier will now receive the request and be allowed to either accept it or decline it.