What is priority booking?

Priority Booking combines the power of Book Now and Private Network with Negotiation and Tracking to deliver an end-to-end solution that reduces friction and operational costs by providing a connected experience to match, transact, and deliver a shipment all within one application, DAT One.

What is Private Network?

Private Network is a comprehensive tool that:

  • Allows Brokers to build a network of carriers to which Brokers can post a load
  • Creates and maintains partnerships with Brokers' carriers by providing loads to them that are not available on the open marketplace
  • Increases Brokers team’s efficiency by automating loads not posted to the open marketplace
  • Saves time by working with carriers that Brokers have already onboarded and vetted
  • Allows Brokers to create, manage, and post to your private network via DAT's UI platform and integrate with your TMS using our API's

What is book now?

  • Allows a Broker to post a load that does not require negotiation, so you can receive instant accepts for your posted rate within the DAT UI platform.

What is negotiation?

  • Allows a Broker to post a load that accepts bids, so you can manage all the bids from your private network. This will enable you to spend less time on the phone negotiating rates and see more bids to book a load with the right partner at the right place

What is tracking?

  • Provides Real-time asset tracking services that empowers Brokers to monitor and maintain visibility on their shipment journey
  • Delivers continuous geo-location data throughout the tracking lifecycle
  • Reduces Broker to Carrier check calls
  • Support the Brokers ability to remain in contractual compliance with its Shippers by providing location updates every 15 minutes while their shipments are in transit.
  • Records waypoint arrival and departure time stamps using geofence detection logic
  • Reduces Carrier calls to Brokers for facility information when Brokers assign a dock to their waypoints and Carriers can view all pertinent facility information in the DAT One mobile app
  • Provides alerts to keep Brokers informed on the key events and the progress of their shipments