To streamline the booking process for your shipment, consider enabling the "Book Now" feature when posting it. This feature allows carriers to book your shipment instantly through DAT One, making the process faster and more efficient.

If you're posting the shipment to your Private Network, you can allow carriers to bid on it. This feature can help you find the best possible rate for your shipment.

To stay on top of incoming bids and booking requests, you will receive timely notifications each time carrier submits a bid or a booking request.  You can easily view the Bid Activity anytime.  Simply navigate to My Shipments,  and select the relevant shipment. Once you've done that, click on BID ACTIVITY to view all the bids and booking requests that have been submitted.

  1. ACCEPT- If you find that the carrier's current bid amount is acceptable and meets your needs, you can choose to accept it. Once you accept the bid amount, the carrier will be awarded the shipment at that rate.
    • When you accept the carrier's bid, you must follow up by sending a rate confirmation to the carrier.
    • When you accept the carrier's bid, all other carriers in your network will be notified that the shipment is no longer available.
  2. REJECT - If you find that the carrier's current bid amount too high, you can choose to reject it. You have the option to specify a reason for the rejection from the dropdown. Rejecting a bid request will give the carrier the opportunity to submit a new bid that better meets your requirements. 
  3. COUNTER - During the counter offer process, both parties - the broker and the carrier - can submit up to five counter offers. This allows for a more flexible and dynamic negotiation process, as both parties can adjust their offers in response to the other's proposals.