Uploading A File

  1. To begin, click on Multiple Shipments
  2. Next Download the Bulk Post template by clicking CSV template, then fill the template with the required information and click SELECT FILE to select the file from the file browser, or drag and drop the file into the box below, then click UPLOAD FILE
    Note: For more information regarding formatting and required fields, please click Using the CSV file
  3. Review the postings on the next screen to ensure that all posting information is correct, then click the POST In the bottom right corner 
  4. If all postings are successful, click DONE to be returned to the My Shipments Screen.  If there are errors in the posting, notated by the number in the INVALID line, you can choose to Skip Errors And Close, or Fix Errors.

Fixing Errors

  1. Click the FIX ERRORSbutton to continue to the Address Errors window
  2. After opening the Address Errors window, click FIX ITon the right side of the shipment. 
  3. After opening the FIX IT window, find the errors outlined in red, and correct them. After correcting the errors, Click POST. This will upload the posting to the loadboard immediately and open the Address Errors window again
  4. If there is a duplicate posting, it can be deleted by clicking the checkbox on the left side of Address Errors window, then clicking DELETE on the top right. Multiple postings can be deleted at once
  5. After addressing all errors, Click Done to finish uploading postings.