Our Load Activity feature empowers carriers by offering valuable insights to aid them in their bidding strategy. With this information, carriers can make informed decisions on which loads to bid on, ultimately maximizing their profits.

  1. Once logged in to one.dat.com,  navigate to My Loads page 
  2. Hover your mouse over the rate field to see a pop-up with three metrics: average bid, number of booking requests submitted, and number of bids submitted on the given load 
  3. Use these metrics to determine whether the load is right for you and to guide your bidding strategy
  4. Additionally , Load Activity metrics can also be accessed when viewing the load details from the My Loads page 
  5. Load Activity metrics are also  available on the Search Loads page. When viewing the Search Loads results, simply click on a load  to expand the load details and see the same metrics

Note: The Load Activity metrics will not show for non-bookable or non-negotiable loads.