Private Network enables brokers to establish a network of carriers and share loads exclusively within this network. Loads posted within the Private Network are not available on the open marketplace.

As a broker, you can save valuable time by working with carriers you have already onboarded and vetted within your Private Network.

  1. To add carriers into your Private Network, simply log into DAT One, then select Private Network from the menu on the left-hand side.
  2. Click on ADD CONTACT
  3. You will have 2 options:
    • Add Individual Contact: Provide us with an individual’s information and we’ll try to match their email address with any DAT accounts. If we find a matching DAT User, that person will see shipments you post to your private network in a separate tab and will receive relevant in-app notifications when you post a shipment. 
      Once added to your Private Network, DAT customers and non-DAT customers will be distinguished by a unique icon placed next to their information.
    • Upload list:  Upload a CSV list of your preferred carriers. Click here for instructions.
  4. Once you fill out the carrier or the company details, ADD TO PRIVATE NETWORK option.

Note: Currently, Private Network contacts are not shared between offices under the same account.