DAT One offers a valuable feature to enhance your search experience when you don't find the desired number of results. To broaden your search and discover potential matches that may interest you, you can activate the "Include Similar Results" option.

In essence, this feature adjusts your search parameters to display potential matches that could be suitable for you. It can modify elements of your search, such as the pickup date. If there are no available loads for today's date, it may show loads for tomorrow or the day after.

Additionally, it can adjust the search radius you've specified. If there are few loads within a 100-mile radius, it might reveal some interesting options that are 150 miles away from your destination.

When you enable the "Include Similar Results" feature, you gain access to up to 1000 similar results.

Please note that the "Include Similar Results" option is automatically activated for searches yielding fewer than 50 results. Additionally, it's important to be aware that this functionality is not currently available in the DAT One mobile app.