1. Choose Search Trucks from the menu

  2. Complete the form with your load information:
    • Origin - Where your load is
    • DH-O - Deadhead from Origin, or how far a driver will have to deadhead to pickup the load
    • Destination - Where the load is going
    • DH-D - Deadhead from Destination, or how far a driver may have to drive away from their desired destination
    • Equipment Type - The type of truck you need
    • Date Range - The dates the load needs to be picked up

  3. Click the TRUCK LIMITS button and indicate whether you want a full or partial truck, or all types.  From here you will also enter your load's length and weight

  4. Click SEARCH BACK to select how old trucks returned will be.  If you don't want trucks older than 2 hours, enter 2 in the field and hit DONE 

  5. Click the COMPANY button and you can choose to filter the list by the carrier's home state.  This will allow you to find carriers that are heading back to their home state, that may be interested in hauling your load back home with them.  Carriers heading home may be willing to do so for a lessor rate that other carriers.

  6. Once finished, you will see what results match your search