NoteTracking requests can be sent to any carrier with a mobile phone with GPS enabled.

  1. From My Shipments click/tap on the NEW SHIPMENT button.

  2. Next, choose the New Tracking Request option

  3. You will now provide the details that the carrier will need.

    • Tracking Details
      • Enter a shipment name or ID to uniquely identify the request
      • Choose when you want the tracking to begin (eg. 1 hour before Pick Up)
      • Enter the driver's phone number.  The request will be sent to their phone and enable the phone to be tracked for the duration of the trip.
      • Provide the driver's name

    • Pick Up
      • Here you will provide the location information for the pickup. (eg. Date, Address, Dock Information, etc)

    • Drop Off
      • Now you ill provide the location information for the drop off

        Note:  If you have more than one pick up or drop off location, you can choose to ADD ANOTHER at the end of those sections.

    • Carrier and Dispatcher Information
      • Provide information such as the carrier's name, phone number and email.

  4. When finished click/tap the SEND TRACKING REQUEST button

The carrier will now receive a text message to the phone number you provided.  They will be prompted to launch the DAT One mobile app (or download it if not already installed).  Once signed into the app, the carrier will be able to ACCEPT or DECLINE the request.  Once the carrier accepts the request, you will be able to track them from My Shipments under the Active section.