Adding notes to loads enables workgroup members to enhance communication, and maintain a more organized productive workflow.

Note:  This feature is only available for Enterprise accounts.

Accessing the feature

You can access the "Add Notes" feature from anywhere when you are viewing loads that match your load search or truck posting.

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  • My Trucks:
  • Truck Posting details :

How does it work?

  1. When you find a load that you want to add a note to, simply click the Add Note button.
  2. A pop-up window appears, allowing you to select a status for the note (e.g., "Called," "In Progress," "Completed"…) and add text describing the note's content. This information is crucial for Workgroup members to understand the status and context of the note.
  3. Loads with a note on them will display a "Notes" icon making it easier for other workgroup members to spot them.
  4. When you view note on a load, it will display the name of the user who wrote it
  5. If you wish to edit or delete the note, you can click on the pencil icon or the trash icon.

Note:  There is a 250 characters limit including space.