By posting your truck, you showcase its specifications and availability to freight brokers. These brokers are constantly on the lookout for suitable trucks to fulfill their shipping requirements. Therefore, when they notice that your truck is available and located at their desired pick-up point, they will reach out to you. To post your truck:

  1.  Click on the My Trucks from the menu and then click to ADD TRUCK
  2. Complete the Truck Profile, selecting the equipment type you have, the length of your trailer and the maximum weight you can haul
  3. Next, provide the Post Details section
    • Origin - Enter the city/state or zip code for your location 
    • Destination - Select the city, state, and/or zones that you are willing to go toNote:  It is recommended that you not leave this field blank.   Brokers are less inclined to call on postings that indicate they will go 'anywhere'.  Instead, use the VALID ZONES option to see how to select regions that you are willing to go to. 
    • Available  Date - Enter the date or date range that your truck will be available
    • Set Minimum Rate - Enter a per-mile rate that you expect to make to help ensure that only brokers willing to pay your price will contact you
    • Comment - If you would like to add a note to this posting to be seen by brokers, enter it here
    • Reference ID - Enter a unique id for this truck (optional)
  4. Finish by entering your Post Options. Select either a phone number or an email for the broker to contact you at
  5. When finished, click the POST button at the bottom and your truck will now be visible to the broker and shippers