1. Choose Search Loads from the menu
  2. Complete the form with your truck information:
    • Origin - Where your truck is or will be
    • DH-O - Deadhead from Origin, or how far you are willing to drive to get a load
    • Destination - Where you want to go.  You can enter a city, state, or zones that you are willing to go to. Leaving it blank is the equivalent to 'anywhere'.
    • DH-D - Deadhead from Destination, or how far you are willing to drive from your desired destination.  This is only required when entering a city for your destination.
    • Load Type: Full, Partial or both.
    • Equipment Type
    • Length:  Enter the length of your trailer
    • Weight:  Enter the maximum cargo weight you can haul.
    • Date Range: Select the date range during which you're available to pick up a load.
    • Note:  After completing the required fields above, the search button will turn blue, allowing you to start your search. If you want to add more filters to your search, see the details below

  3. Click the LOAD REQUIREMENTS button and choose whether you want loads from brokers who require shipment tracking, do not require it, or both.
  4. Click SEARCH BACK to select the age of returned shipments. If you prefer not to see shipments older than 2 hours, just type "2" in the box and press "DONE."
  5. Click on Company and begin typing the name of your preferred company. This will show you loads exclusively from that company.
  6. To view only Private Loads from Brokers who added you to their Private Networks in your search, click the Private Loads button and use the Only show private loadsfilter.
  7. To view only loads available for online booking or bidding without the need for a phone call, click BOOK/BIDand choose "Only show bookable loads.
  8. Once finished, click on the SEARCH button to see the loads that match your search