DAT One offers DAT products and services in one place, and the same experience whether you are trying to access our website from a computer or a mobile device.

This quick start guide will help you easily find all the DAT tools you love on DAT One.

  1. Watch training webinar
  2. Posting a load (aka Shipment)
  3. Manage your shipments
  4. Upload multiple postings
  5. Find trucks that match my load
  6. Set an alarm match
  7. Search for trucks
  8. DAT Tools - Onboard, Directory, Rateview, CarrierWatch, Market Conditions
  9. Track my shipment
  10. Share tracking location
  11. Respond to a book and bid requests
  12. National Truck Count
  13. Create a Private Network
  14. Using the Prefer or Block feature
  15. Viewing similar results
  16. Create a new shipment posting from a search

My Shipments

Create a new shipment,
post to Private Network,
streamline the online booking,
send a tracking request...

Private Network

Streamline your online booking process by sending your shipments to the right carriers for you...

Search Trucks

Find the right truck, view CarrierWatch alerts on truck search results...

Dashboard & Tools

National Truck Count,
OnBoard, Directory,
Rateview, CarrierWatch,
Market Conditions...