Finding loads for your cargo van, sprinter van, or straight box truck can be difficult because brokers don't always post them under your specific truck type. So, we will have to run two searches: 

General search:

  1. From, click on Search Loads
  2. Enter your Origin, Destination. For Equipment type, please select Van Standard and Van Specialized. Select the Date Rangeyou are available to pick up loads. 
  3. Click on Load Requirements, check Partial, and enter the Length of your cargo space and the maximum Weight you can haul safely
  4. You can leave Search back as the default (24 hours) or change it depending on the age of loads you would like to see (for example, do you want to see loads posted 24 hours ago or just 8 hours ago?), click Done. Then click on the search icon

Specific search:

For the specific search, you can simply edit the general search you ran above. 

  1. Click on the Equipment Type field, and remove Van Standard and Van Specialized by clicking the "x" next to each one. Then select Straight Box Truck or Van Hotshot if you have a cargo van / sprinter van.
  2. Click on Load Requirements, select All,  ensure that you have the length and the weight populated for your equipment type. Then click Done, and click on the search icon